November 27, 2017

The Large Intestine Official:  The Cleaning Crew

Or simply “the cleaner.”  The Large Intestine has one of the simpler jobs yet it’s an incredibly important one.  Have you ever seen the house of a hoarder either in person or on tv?  It’s shocking.  Understanding when to throw something away and when to keep it is a delicate line that you want to ride carefully. Trash cans need to be emptied… And in a timely manner.  The cleaning crew should be on duty every day.  Taking the garbage out and making sure there’s room to put more trash in the bin.  For bowel movements, we have a simple rule.  Less than one bowel movement a day is constipation, and more than three times per day is too loose.  There are exceptions like when you are fighting a stomach bug, doing a detox, or travelling on a long trip since colons tend to get shy.  If you consistently reside […]
November 1, 2017

The Lung Official: Head of Human Resources

The head of human resources plays a vital role at any company.  The workers need a safe haven and someone they feel is solely on their side.  In a way, the workers and the company are in a battle against each other over time and money.  The worker wants more money and less work while the company wants to pay less for more work.  The human resources department is the one person whose whole job is to look out for the employee, making sure they are not being taken advantage of. The Lung Official like to follow orders…  And that’s a simple difference between the Heart and the Lung, who is also known as “The Minister or Chancellor.”  The Owner (Heart) is an individual who has no one above them.  They also play by their own rules, and that’s why they started the company in the first place.  The Head […]
October 2, 2017

The Spleen Official: Office Administrator

Any office needs someone whose job it is to run the office:  Make sure workers have the supplies they need, that the coffee is filled and working, that the holiday party gets organized and has the right food, that birthdays are recognized.  They also have the important role of making sure various items don’t pile up around the office.  That there is processing of all items coming in.    Note that in Chinese Medicine there is no pancreas.  The Spleen Official encompasses both pancreas and spleen.   Our bodies need nourishment so we can nourish each other… And it’s the Spleen Official’s job to make sure that our bodies get the nourishment they need.  That’s why it’s known as the official of “transformation and transportation.”  Transform food into energy and other nutrition and then direct transportation to the areas of the body that need those materials.  The stomach helps, but the […]
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