The Large Intestine Official:  The Cleaning Crew

The Lung Official: Head of Human Resources
November 1, 2017
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January 13, 2020
Or simply “the cleaner.”  The Large Intestine has one of the simpler jobs yet it’s an incredibly important one.  Have you ever seen the house of a hoarder either in person or on tv?  It’s shocking.  Understanding when to throw something away and when to keep it is a delicate line that you want to ride carefully.

Trash cans need to be emptied… And in a timely manner.  The cleaning crew should be on duty every day.  Taking the garbage out and making sure there’s room to put more trash in the bin.  For bowel movements, we have a simple rule.  Less than one bowel movement a day is constipation, and more than three times per day is too loose.  There are exceptions like when you are fighting a stomach bug, doing a detox, or travelling on a long trip since colons tend to get shy.  If you consistently reside outside of this limit, it’s possible that your Large Intestine is off balance.

But a good cleaner should realize when there’s something valuable that’s been thrown away…  And the physical large intestine does this as well.  In your body, the large intestine has a job of reabsorbing water and other ions that follow it.  Water is precious so we don’t want to simply poop it out.  

Keeping too much or letting too much go… These are the two primary ways the Large Intestine can get imbalanced.  I have a friend who was so good at letting things go that he never felt nostalgia until he was 25 years old (True story).  I think we all know a person who always lives in the past.

I once watched an interview of a 107 year old man.  His one piece of advice at the end was simple:  “Keep your colon clean.”  Let the cleaning crew keep your mind, body, and spirit clean!
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