What is cupping?

Cupping uses plastic suction cups that are affixed to the skin to move stuck fluids from various body parts. If you've ever had a muscle pull, bruise, or overuse, there probably is fluid that the body doesn't process and thus gets stuck in the tissue.

Does cupping hurt?

You will feel the cups, but since they can be used at varying degrees of suction, I always make sure that the patient is comfortable. The pinching feeling reduces as the treatment continues. Any cups that create a sensation that is too uncomfortable are removed.

I've seen that cupping leaves a mark...

Yes, cupping can leave marks, but these are unlike fresh bruises. The marks are the stuck fluids coming to the surface for processing. Most marks are barely noticeable although some will be dark. These go away within 3 to 14 days depending on the darkness of the marks, the speed of your body processes, and the quality of your blood circulation.