Fascial tissue is the connective tissue weave that runs from the bottoms of your feet to the top of your head. It is continuous and this is one of the many reasons why parts of the body cannot be separated and why the body responds best to being treated as one unit. Fascial tissue has memory and can accrue restrictions where old injuries have occurred. It can clamp down on a muscle, making it feel tight. It also has the ability to conduct electricity making voltage and pH imbalances occur and causing certain areas to become toxic.

Myofascial release can be achieved by hand using Craniosacral-Fascial Therapy (CFT), but can also be reached using a machine called a Vibracussor by Impac, which uses a percussive motion to apply a wave-form that gently releases the fascial tissue. The machine works like a car piston, lifting the fascial tissue away from the muscle or other tissue and allowing it to release. Myofascial release becomes even more effective when adding muscular stretching techniques.

The Vibracussor comes with a variety of attachments, meant for muscles, joints or even lymph movement. Lymph congestion is another reason why organs or muscles can become stressed. Would you become stressed if you never took the trash out of your house?