Prepare your child for a healthy life!

Loosening up your child now will help prevent injury in the future. A looser body will allow for stronger joints with less likelihood to have tears. A looser body will help your child recover faster if they fall or have minor bumps and bruises.

Do Children have body tension?

Absolutely, they just show it differently than we do. An adult may have pain whereas a child may sleep worse, be cranky or moody, or even fidget more as they try to find a comfortable position.

Do you needle babies or young children?

Most kids do not want needles, but I have needled kids under two years old. Generally on kids, though, I will not use needles and instead use bodywork modalities like craniosacral-fascial technique (CFT), percussion massage, and red light stimulation.

See What Our Clients Say

My trust and confidence with Aaron is at such a high level, that not only have I referred him to many friends, I trusted him with my children. When my 17 year old was diagnosed with Mono by our pediatrician, I immediately took her to see Aaron. After 1 treatment and 24 hours later she was back in school and pretty much symptom free. My 19 year old son was in a car accident and suffered neck and back injuries. Aaron treated him twice a week for a few weeks and within 6 weeks no longer needed treatment. My 15 year daughter is the victim of excessive bullying. We brought her to Aaron for more of an emotional treatment. He worked with her energy to build a so called internal shield and to clear the imposed negativity. When she needs a tune up Aaron always makes time to fully treat her. She is also an athlete and he works with her to release muscle tension and body aches. Not only does he have a deep understanding of what their needs are, he has a gift in his ability to connect with my children. In a time when too many doctors want to treat you with drugs, it is good to know that Aaron’s techniques for health and wellness avoid unnecessary pharmaceuticals. Not only is it relatively painless, the sessions are enjoyable. When it comes to my family’s health, whether mental or physical, a treatment or tune up, Aaron is my first call.