Questions about the book

1Who is this book intended for?...

Fractal Energy Balancing is intended for anyone to read. This ranges from professional healers/people in the medical field to non-professionals who want to lead a healthier and more balanced life. Anybody can learn something from Fractal Energy Balancing to help answer some questions about the mind/body/spirit connection.

2As a non-acupuncturist will the book be too technical for me?...
Absolutely not. The intention of the book is that anyone can read it and understand it or learn from it. While the author is an acupuncturist, the main editor is not one and in the writing and editing process the goal was to find the right balance of speaking to a general audience while also providing unique information and perspective to professionals who already have a base in energy work and acupuncture.
3What is the book about?...

Fractal Energy Balancing is a deep dive into the physical, emotional, and energetic connections we all experience from the perspective of acupuncture and energy work. It seeks to answer questions like: “Why do I feel ‘off’ if my doctor and bloodwork says nothing is wrong?”, How does acupuncture work?, Why is trauma so hard to heal from?, What is the connection between fascia, trauma, emotional instability, and how can reading the fascia help assess a more direct way for treatment?, and many others.

An example of this connection would be experiencing joint pain, irritability, and waking up at 3am nightly because you feel stuck at work and unable to move forward in life. All these connect with your energetic Liver, who is the CEO of your life. When you are unable to proceed with your life plan, Liver energy gets stuck and resonates into all those symptoms. If it were a different organ, the symptoms would vary.

4Why did I write Fractal Energy Balancing?...

As an acupuncturist, I enjoyed teaching my patients about what they were experiencing. Many people asked for further reading but I was unable to pick a book that didn’t seem too technical or meant for acupuncture students. At the same time, I was developing my own acupuncture protocols.

Once I started writing, I added in massive sections on trauma and how energy work and acupuncture “work”, utilizing research, quotes, and connections to provide my own theories, hoping to change the perspective of patients and professionals alike. The long term hope is to assist people in their healing journey. If enough people heal and become more balanced, the world should become more balanced.


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