Pain is the great motivator, and people in pain want to get out of pain. I try to have as many tools in my belt to help people since not all pain is created equally. I take the time to properly determine the source and then target that in our treatment.

Your issue might not be pain though. It might be digestive issues, nerve issues, swelling, limited range of motion, general tightness, or some other body issue. Moving energy can help, but a lot of times the body needs its own attention and work.

Some of the time, when needling for pain, I will use Trigger Point Acupuncture. Trigger points are muscle knots that occur in predictable areas causing predictable pain patterns. One needle can sometimes make these pains go away quickly. I will not use trigger points if I don’t think they are appropriate. The other techniques are spelled out in the subheadings on the home page. Gua Sha and Cupping will also be two common techniques but are usually used more often for chronic pain.

With chronic body issues, many of the other techniques will be appropriate. There might be trigger points or chronic fluid congestion, but it could also be fascial tissue restriction, a toxic build-up, or a myriad of other reasons. The goal is to find what your body best responds to and help it get back to a state of balance.

See What Our Clients Say

I am 72 years old. This is not a boast or a complaint, simply a statement of fact. I've had chronic lower back and neck pain since my mid-twenties caused by a car accident, I believe I have tried every remedy known to man.

For many years I relied on my wonderful chiropractor to keep me upright and walking. He was wonderful for spinal adjustments and "realignments". Like many of my peers when I first heard about Acupuncture I was skeptical viewing it almost as voodoo. As it became more prevalent and more people grew to believe in it I said, "What the hell. It's worth a shot."

I've been Aaron's patient for about four years. While my bone alignments are still necessary, acupuncture is much more about about muscles and the effects of any part of your body's influence on the other parts. Through acupuncture my pain is being managed much more efficiently and it is allowing me to maintain a lifestyle I otherwise would not have.

What I like most about dealing with Aaron is that he allows me to be a partner in my care. He listens to me intently and takes his clues about what the best treatment is from me. He views his profession as a calling and sincerely cares about the relief of my pain.

I have recommended Regrowth Acupuncture and Aaron to many people and am proud to do so.