Headaches and Neck Tightness

I was experiencing headaches for over three weeks. Aaron realized my symptoms stemmed from stress and anxiety. I’ve been headache free since my treatment. Aaron is kind, gentle and really knows what he’s talking about. I appreciate his total body approach to healing.


Dizziness and Brain Fog

I was essentially bed bound for 1 1/2 years with a neurological condition, since my doctors couldn't control my symptoms. After a few sessions with Aaron, my 24/7 headache and nausea were gone. Other symptoms - dizziness, brain fog, fuzzy vision, fatigue - lessened over time until I was able to engage in most normal activities, even returning to working out at the gym after only 4 months! Aaron works miracles - he truly has a natural gift for healing.



I first started to see Aaron and try acupuncture for the first time after I had been sick for several months with symptoms mainly of reflux and uncontrolled asthma. I felt like I was slowly getting better compared to where I was initially when I first got sick but also felt like there was an underlying condition keeping me from returning to full health. I had lost 35 pounds over the course of a few months trying to get my symptoms to resolve and I was continually frustrated and anxious and wanted nothing more than to be back to myself. I was also dealing with a lot of muscle tightness and tension in my back and neck and difficulty sleeping.

My initial experience with acupuncture was one of understanding the connection between mind and body. I really didn’t know too much about it. I had heard from other friends and family that they have had success with it. At this point I had been to several different doctors and specialists with really no true answers as to why I wasn’t returning to full health, just more medications to try and deal with the symptoms. After the first 2 sessions I definitely felt a change. I could feel there was changes going on with my body but it was almost like it was resisting moving forward. After my 3rd session is when I felt the greatest relief and really started to feel like myself again and enjoy the things I was missing and start to take on challenges at work and in my personal life with a renewed approach.

What Aaron has been able to provide me with since I started seeing him was first and foremost simple understanding. It is refreshing to be able to talk to someone and truly spend some time relating experiences and understanding how the simplest things could be triggering thoughts, emotions, or reactions within your body that could escalate and cause unneeded stress. I always knew stress is detrimental to your health. But its is amazing how quickly it can build as you go through everyday life and keep pushing it off subconsciously until it finally catches up with you and does damage.

I have made great strides over just a few sessions and I have Aaron to thank for his thoughtfulness and approach to total wellness.


General Wellness

I am 72 years old. This is not a boast or a complaint, simply a statement of fact. I've had chronic lower back and neck pain since my mid-twenties caused by a car accident, I believe I have tried every remedy known to man.

For many years I relied on my wonderful chiropractor to keep me upright and walking. He was wonderful for spinal adjustments and "realignments". Like many of my peers when I first heard about Acupuncture I was skeptical viewing it almost as voodoo. As it became more prevalent and more people grew to believe in it I said, "What the hell. It's worth a shot."

I've been Aaron's patient for about four years. While my bone alignments are still necessary, acupuncture is much more about about muscles and the effects of any part of your body's influence on the other parts. Through acupuncture my pain is being managed much more efficiently and it is allowing me to maintain a lifestyle I otherwise would not have.

What I like most about dealing with Aaron is that he allows me to be a partner in my care. He listens to me intently and takes his clues about what the best treatment is from me. He views his profession as a calling and sincerely cares about the relief of my pain.

I have recommended Regrowth Acupuncture and Aaron to many people and am proud to do so.



My daughter is a high school athlete who sustained a concussion in a soccer game. When a friend of mine heard about her injury she said, “you have to take her to see Aaron”. My daughter saw Aaron 4 days post-concussion while she still had headaches, light sensitivity and dizziness. She was nervous about the needles because this was a new experience. Aaron was terrific, spending time talking with her, explaining everything and showing her how things worked. He gained her trust right away. He did a variety of treatments ending the session with acupuncture. My daughter’s concussion symptoms were fully resolved in two weeks. I’m so grateful to Aaron for helping in the process of recovery from concussion.


Other Patterns

Insomnia, Fatigue, Jaw tightness, Low Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Hip Pain, Knee Pain, Ankle Pain, Elbow Pain, Wrist Pain, Trigger Finger, Bunions and Plantar Fasciitis, IBS and Constipation, Muscle Tightness