The Gallbladder Official: The Branch Manager/Day to Day Decision Maker

The Liver Official: The CEO of Your Body
March 27, 2017
The Small Intestine Official: The Scout
May 22, 2017

In Chinese Medicine the Gallbladder is known as “the decision maker” and is said to make literally every decision you make.  When to chew, when to swallow, what word to type, etc.  Because the Gallbladder is involved in every decision from major to minor, it’s almost like it’s split into many little parts and has an effect in all parts of the body, like it’s the manager of that part.  


Helping give perspective to make proper decisions:  A balanced Gallbladder will see things for what they truly are, making sure that perspective is right.  Only in this way can a decision be made that leads toward balance.  This differs from the Kidney which only sees the truth.  A good analogy would be a mediator as they have to take into account all sides, not just the truth that each is presenting.  Any good mediator also keeps in mind the precedents that might be enacted too:  the bigger perspective.  

Making all those decisions must get tiring…  It does and you can tell because people start to get frustrated.  Anger is the language of the Liver and frustration is the language of the GallBladder.  As the frustration builds, the voice will rise, it will transition into the angry outburst and then followed by tears.  People with overworked and frustrated Gallbladders tend to cry easily from frustration.  They also get stiff necks and headaches because the “world is on their shoulders.”
How do I balance my Gallbladder?  The first step is just relaxing.  Take a vacation, go out to dinner, do an activity with little decision making.  Not being tied to specific outcomes is also a good approach.  Simply enjoy the ride.  This will help retune and give the Gallbladder the centering it needs to make proper decisions again.

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