The Small Intestine Official: The Scout

The Gallbladder Official: The Branch Manager/Day to Day Decision Maker
April 20, 2017
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June 19, 2017

The Small Intestine Official can be the easiest to understand from both western and eastern perspectives because it has the same function from both perspectives: sorting.  

The Western Small Intestine:  When you put food into your system it first gets digested by the stomach and then moves into the small intestine.  Once in the small intestine, the food goes through the maze of intestinal flora (probiotics) and villi (micro-absorbers) on its way down the digestive system.  The small intestine’s job is to absorb nutrients and allow waste products and other non-helpful parts to simply continue on the journey out of the body.  Problems occur when the flora becomes improper and when the villi get misshapen; creating holes in the wall of the small intestine.  This allows what should be eliminated to remain in the system where they are now able to create havoc and need to be detoxified.   

The Eastern Small Intestine:  The Eastern Small Intestine has two main jobs when it comes to sorting.  1) Distinguishing all the different parts of something.  2)  Deciding whether that is something we want to take into our system or forgotten. A good example is a song on the radio.  You hear a song you’ve never heard before.  First, the Small Intestine needs to figure out what the components of the song are.  Then, it has to decide if this is a song worth listening to and possibly further purchasing it, meaning it has to decide if it is good for the body/spirit and worth our time and money.


So why is this the scout of your body?  The scout is the first line of input for any business.  A scout for a music label has to see a band, decide what they are and what their sound is, then decide if he should offer them a spot in their business.  Maybe he only wants the lead singer?  It has to play that special double role of discerning and defense:  what it will take in and what it will allow to eliminate.

Sounds like a busy person… Hence why it pairs with the Bladder, the Head of Security, to make the outer most defenses of your energetic self.  The Small Intestine is “on”a lot, so it’s important to keep it balanced and let it make good decisions.  If not, you might end up buying a lot of bad products and services because you think they should be good.

Decision Fatigue…  Is a known entity where people make bad decisions after having to make a lot of decisions.  This is why impulse items like candy bars live at the register of the grocery store!  It’s at the end of your shopping experience after you’ve made all the decisions, so your guard will be tired.  

Stay on guard and scout properly!  We live in a marketing world that constantly tries to wear you down.  Fight it with knowledge.


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