The Triple Warmer:  The PR Director

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June 19, 2017
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August 2, 2017

Whether we like it or not society exists and society will have their opinions of us.  100% of the time, public perception of us is different than our true selves.  When we go out into public, the Triple Warmer (also known as The Triple Burner, Triple Energizer, Triple Heater, or San Jiao) comes alive and plays a role in how we present ourselves to the world.  At times, we will be “warm” and at other times we will be “cold”.  This isn’t necessarily an indication of our true selves because even the warmest and kindest of people will seem cold at times.  It all depends on our read of the situation.  

The Thermostat:  In Chinese medicine, the Triple Warmer is known as the “Official of Balance and Harmony”and is also responsible for the spreading of warmth and life to all parts of the body.  As a fractal, the Triple Warmer also does this in our worlds.  If one member of our family is feeling not loved, we need to shower them with love to warm them back up.  A PR Director’s job is  to make sure that attention is being paid to many facets of the community in order to make their company or client appear warm; giving them a favorable public persona.  The PR Director should be constantly “taking the temperature” of the different organizations the company associates with, to determine who needs attention and love.

Irrigation Ditches and Heating Ducts: The Triple Warmer is the only Chinese Medical organ that doesn’t have a western counterpart.  In fact, the Triple Warmer is made up of the three portions of your body:  upper (containing the lungs and heart), middle (containing liver and stomach), and lower (containing kidneys and intestines).  It is the Triple Warmer’s job to take warmth made in the body and spread it to all the organs and body parts.  In this way it mimics irrigation and heat ducts.  In society, this mimics social media, press conferences, and any other way of communicating.  That is the PR director’s job.

I’m still confused…how do I know if my Triple Warmer needs help?  Classic symptoms mostly have to do with temperature regulation.  Alternating hot and cold, always too hot, always too cold.  Socially, you might feel the need to host all the time or never want to go into public.  You might have trouble letting people into your life that you could benefit from.  At home, you can feel the temperature of the three areas of your torso (upper chest, on your stomach, and below your belly button) to see if they are the same.  If the three areas are not the same temp, this could be a sign that the Triple Warmer needs work.


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