The Pericardium Official: The Bodyguard

The Triple Warmer:  The PR Director
July 6, 2017
The Heart Official:  The President, Owner, and Creator
August 18, 2017

To survive in any society one needs to know who to trust and who not to trust.  As a young child, we learn not to trust strangers.  As teens, we have friends we can tell secrets to about crushes.  As adults, friends are there for financial advice and therapy sessions.  This trust stems from the Pericardium Official’s ability to open up and allow people access to our heart.    


The Heart is so important it needs it’s own personal bodyguard…  It would be impossible to talk about the Pericardium, also known as the Heart Protector, without talking about the Heart.  In Chinese Medicine, the Heart is the Emperor or the President/Owner as you’ll read in the next newsletter.  The Heart is the soul of a country or a business and in fact where your soul lives in your body.  Imagine if people had free access to your soul, your deepest secrets.  Imagine if you were unable to understand “sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me.”  It would be tough.  The Pericardium Official’s only job is to protect the Heart.  This is a complicated job and needs regulating because every organ can get imbalanced sometimes.

The Door to your Inner Sanctum… This is a good metaphor for the function of the Pericardium.  Think about all the people you talk to in a typical day.  How many of them would you tell your deepest secret to?  I’m sure the answer is not many.  This would be a properly functioning Pericardium.  Open when safe and appropriate but mostly stay protected and closed.  Have you ever met someone who told you something intimate way too quickly?  What about the person who never opened up even after an strong and close relationship was established?  These are both examples of imbalanced Pericardium Officials.  The drawbridge is too open or too closed.


Trust is easy to break and lose… Assume you let someone in.  They know you’re deepest secrets.  You trust them wholeheartedly.  Then they stab you in the back and betray that trust.  Could you ever trust again?  The door would slam shut and it’s possible you will never trust someone that closely again.  Has this happened to you?  What about many small incidents that build to equal one trauma?  The Pericardium might need some rebalancing to find harmony again.  


The Heart is our most sacred organ.  Make sure it’s being protected properly.  If trust has been broken in the past, it’s very important to make sure it has healed to the point that you can let people in again.  Love is a terrible thing to waste.

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