The 5 Elements, The Seasons, and Fractals

World Health Organization Supports Benefits of Acupuncture
August 6, 2014
What is your 5-Element Constitution?
December 28, 2015
World Health Organization Supports Benefits of Acupuncture
August 6, 2014
What is your 5-Element Constitution?
December 28, 2015

What is this?  Read more to find out!

Awhile ago, I posted a 5 element quiz.  It included a 10 question quiz meant to give a general idea to what your 5 element constitution is.  I explained that your constitution is the lens that you primarily see life through.  It’s your greatest strength and weakness.  A gift and a curse.

But the 5 elements are more than just a way of pigeon-holing people with specific emotions and symptoms.  It originated as a theory of life in ancient Asia before it became a health system.  It is also found in many different styles of acupuncture from Chinese, Japanese, and the specific 5 Element style which is out of England.

The ancient asians noticed how the energy of the seasons changed.  The downward and powerful energetic of winter mimicking water.  The aggressive and anticipatory energy of spring mimicking plant life going straight up like a sprout bursting from a seed in the ground.  The warmth and joy of flowers in the summer sparking love and spreading like a wildfire. The inward and circular energy of the earth and the harvest of late summer that nourished for the upcoming tough times.  The slow descent and grief of the fall as one chapter ended and prepared for another one.

At some point, after the theory of the seasons, someone figured that humans were a reflection of the environment around them and that these energy movements should occur in us as well.

The idea of Chinese Medicine and especially 5 Element Acupuncture being a fractal is my own.  My mom got me a dvd of the PBS documentary on fractals about 10 years ago and it changed the way I looked at life.  Fractals were everywhere and helped simplify the complexity of life on earth.

A fractal is a design that no matter how large or small the lens you look at the design, it is the same thing.  I’ll give you two examples.

I tend to explain it in the office using the example of broccoli.

You see how each break in the broccoli looks exactly the same, and even the smallest of the florets looks like the entire head?  That is a fractal.

The idea behind the simplicity of life is that the DNA doesn’t need to code for all the different breaks in the broccoli and each floret.  It can have one code that it repeats over and over again.  Nature is a genius!

There’s another type of broccoli that does an even better job!  It’s the picture at the beginning of this newsletter 🙂

The Mandelbrot set is the classic mathematical example of a fractal.  It’s the 2D graphical representation of a complex number set.  Google if it you want, but it’s high level math.  You’ve been warned.

Here’s a video representation of it where they zoom in.

So what do fractals have to do with the 5 elements?  The 5 elements are a flow of energy that goes from one to the next.  And this flow happens in 1 day, 1 year, 1 lifetime, etc.  It helps explain why we go through phases of our lives.  Why we get the urges we get.  Why life changes.  Why we aren’t the same people our whole lives or even in one day.  And that sounds like a fractal to me.

How does this apply to your health?  The understanding that life is a fractal makes it easier to heal someone.  If I can figure out what element is off through symptoms and investigation (asking questions, palpating the body, etc), then I can figure out an easier way to bring balance to the body, mind, and spirit.  I can also heal in many ways:  mechanically, energetically, and nutritionally.

As the seasons change I will be posting on each of the individual elements of that particular season.  Please enjoy them!

Thanks for reading

Aaron Mittica


Romanesco Broccoli:


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