Non-Needle Acupuncture

Winter and Water Constitutions
January 25, 2016
Spring and Wood Constitution
April 4, 2016

In reality, Acupuncture means to puncture the skin, so the proper term here should be “Meridian Therapy.”  Still Acupuncture has become a common term to mean treating through Asian Medicine.  Below I’ve tried my best to explain why non-needle will work.

One western theory of Acupuncture is that the points are on the fascial tissue system which conducts electricity.  From The Body Electric by Dr. Robert Becker in 1985: “Any current grows weaker with distance, due to resistance along the transmission cable.  The smaller the amperage and voltage, the faster the current dies out.  Electrical engineers solve his problem by building booster amplifiers every so often along a power line to get the signal back up to strength. For currents measures in nanoamperes and microvolts, the amplifiers would have to be no more than a few inches apart – just like acupuncture points!” (p 234)” The theory continues.  “If the points really were amplifiers, then a metal needle stuck in one of them, connecting it with nearby tissue fluids, would short it out and stop the pain message.” (p235)  He then got a grant to run some studies.  “Our readings also indicated that meridians were conducting current, and its polarity matching the input side of the two-way system we’d charted in amphibians, showed a flow into the central nervous system.  Each point was positive compared to its environs, and each one had a field surrounding it, with its own characteristic shape.” (p235-236)

The overall treatment is the same process.  Talking time, treating time, possibly some other body work, and time for the patient to lay on the table in reflection and rest.  Same process, no needles.

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