Acupoint of the Day 7/29/16

Summer and the Fire Constitution
June 24, 2016
Late Summer and the Earth Constitution
August 12, 2016

Acupoint of the Day- SP 7 Leaking Valley

Feels like water is just spilling everywhere out there.

SP 7 – Leaking Valley

Helps support the retaining of fluids
Bring balance to emotional neediness

Most people reading this would say “why do I want to retain fluids?” But the retention of fluids here comes in the form of urinary leakage, seminal and vaginal leakage, and also leaky gut syndrome. The Spleen in chinese medicine gives integrity to structure, like the banks of a river keeping the water in. If the integrity lessens, symptoms can arise like chronic fatigue syndrome.

There’s a great quote from Lonny Jarrett’s The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine: “The craving of sympathy is the psychospiritual equivalent of craving sugar.” The spleen loves sugar but too much can hurt it in the long run. The same runs with sympathy. A little bit can go a long way, but too much and the person can become addicted. A person in need of sympathy is probably having issues with emotional integrity as well. The lines between them and other people might seem blurred, like they are living other peoples’ lives or need to share theirs with others.

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