The Stomach Official: The Warehouse Manager

The Heart Official:  The President, Owner, and Creator
August 18, 2017
The Spleen Official: Office Administrator
October 2, 2017

All companies have potential money that it has to turn into actual money.  Though every company is different, the idea of a warehouse that stores and distributes goods is fairly universal.  

Digestion, Rotting, and Ripening… Classically, the Stomach Official is known as “The official of rotting and ripening.”  This speaks to the act of putting food in and getting a different product out.  Starting at the mouth, the body is able to break down massive molecules into the tiniest building blocks, which we use all over our body.  It’s a truly amazing feat to see a steak turned into a hair.  

How does this relate to a warehouse?  Most companies have some sort or service that they have.  At some point, an order, which is just words, needs to turn become a product that the customer gets.  That transformation is a form of digestion and leaves the company with a useable currency:  money.  

The stomach doesn’t store anything though and a warehouse does…  JR Worsley, the creator of 5 Element Acupuncture compared the Stomach Official to a grain silo.  In this silo, potential energy was stored and used as needed.  Yes, the stomach doesn’t have any physical storage, but it is the only way for food and energy to get into the system.


The Warehouse Manager has a lot of functions.  The main one is simple:  get the product to the customer.  Within that there are tons of variables.  Best way to pack.  How much packing material.  How much product goes in a box.  How to ship.  Even deciding how much product to store on the shelf!  Done improperly, the Warehouse manager can cost a company a lot of money.  Having the correct person in charge can make sure that the energy is going in the proper direction.  If the product gets shipped back and customers complain, it’s like the stomach stagnating or vomiting.  It’s going in the wrong direction.

If your stomach is compromised it can create havoc in your system.  The wrong pH alone can limit protein and mineral absorption.  Stop abusing your Stomach, correct, the imbalance, and start getting the most out of your food!

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