Have you ever lived with someone long enough where you start to ignore some of the things that they do? Your body works the same way. Why live life with pain every day? The body ignores these pains in order to keep living and surviving to the next day. Scenar therapy seeks to reawaken these connections in order for the brain to focus on that part of the body and heal it.

Scenar is an acronym for Self Controlled Energo-Neuro-Adaptive Regulator. It is a handheld device out of Russia. It uses a protected algorithm to communicate with the body and allow the brain to focus on that particular area. While brushing it on the body, it reads the electrical resistance on the skin and becomes “sticky” where the machine reads a particular inflammation and wants to treat. This helps find the specific area of the body causing the disharmony. Many times, I have found that the true disharmony is not where the body feels pain but rather in an associated area.

The Scenar has the ability to work on an acupuncture energy channel level as well as on a deep tissue body level. Since it simply communicates with the body and allows the body to do its own healing, it can cause a tight or injured muscle to heal or release but also has the ability to help a weak muscle strengthen. It can be an effective compliment to other treatments as well as a treatment modality on its own.