The Kidney Official: The Accountant of Your Body

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January 2, 2017
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If your body were a business and the organs were different jobs at the business, the Kidney Official would be the accountant of your body.

The accountant of any business has to take things for what they are and what the bottom line reads. In acupuncture, water energy represents the truth, resources, and fear. The Kidney, being the ruler of water, commands all of these.

An accountant needs to be very fact driven. If not, they may give bad advice to the company about the state of their finances. If this happens, the company is bound to make incorrect moves, draining it’s money supply and potentially going bankrupt. Energy is the money of your body and more specifically it is broken up into two kinds of energy: “qi” which represents the checking account and “jing” which represents the savings account. Jing is stored in the Kidneys and when it is all used up, you die according to acupuncture theory. It’s that’s simple.

How do we preserve jing? I think that is best answered in Western terms so I’d also like to stipulate that I loosely correlate jing to the adrenals. The more your nervous system is heightened, the more it’s in fight or flight mode, the more rushing around people do, the quicker the adrenals fatigue and the quicker jing gets used up. Now remember: EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. Some people will feel the effects of this adrenaline more and some people less.

How do I keep the Kidneys balanced energetically? Listening to it can be the most important thing. If you are directing resources to the incorrect avenues, it will tell you by inciting fear and potentially anxiety. If you ignore the accountant, he’ll just keep reminding you that there’s no money in the budget. If you sense fear it might be best to avoid what it is you’re sensing. For me that’s amusement park rides and scary movies. They just drain me. What are yours?

Overall, the Kidney Official is incredibly important to your body. Make sure you’re not overdoing and overindulging in life and that your resources are being directed where they should be. It’s tough to simplify life, but you might get more of it if you do. Let the accountant help you detox and slash the budget so there’s more time for sleep, rest, and the truly important things in life.

Happy winter 🙂

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