Ear candling is a form of cleansing where a hollow candle is lit and stuck into the ear canal to help remove wax and powder. This powder can be dead skin cells, dried shampoos and other bathing products, dead bacteria cells, and pollen. The concept is that the burning candle creates a subtle vacuum that gently pulls wax and powder from the ear canal. The result is clearer hearing, less sinus pressure, and less of a general sense of head clog. A lot of patients like to get their ears candled before they get on planes.

I take high precaution when candling, making sure to use proper ventilation, flame retardant towels over the body and hair, and cutting the candle as it burns down to limit ashes and debris.

An internet search will find a lot of mixed reviews on ear candling. I cannot speak to how those experiences were done as there are some subtleties to the process that could make it vary in effectiveness and comfort. I have patients that come back over and over again because they had great results.

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