The body has an incredible ability to accrue toxins, especially in this modern world where toxins are in the air, clothing, furniture, water, and essentially everywhere. It is impossible to get away from toxins….oh, and then some of the food is toxic. Ionic cleansing is a way of allowing the cells to empty their toxins into the system and then having those toxins come out of the pores immediately.

Ionic cleansing is a foot or hand bath connected to a machine and array. The three-metal alloy array is placed into salt water and has a charge put through it. Do not worry, your body can touch the array. By splitting water molecules, the bath forms an ionic field which causes the cells in your body to work extra hard to achieve equilibrium (meaning empties their toxins). This is what the first half of the session is. Upon switching the charge, the toxins begin to be pulled out by electromagnetic attraction, causing them to come out of your body pores and into the water.

Indications for ionic cleansing include swollen hands and feet, foggy brain, fatigue, allergies, arthritis, immune deficiency, headaches, circulatory issues, sleep issues and many others.