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April 20, 2017

The Gallbladder Official: The Branch Manager/Day to Day Decision Maker

In Chinese Medicine the Gallbladder is known as “the decision maker” and is said to make literally every decision you make.  When to chew, when to swallow, what word to type, etc.  Because the Gallbladder is involved in every decision from major to minor, it’s almost like it’s split into many little parts and has an effect in all parts of the body, like it’s the manager of that part.     Helping give perspective to make proper decisions:  A balanced Gallbladder will see things for what they truly are, making sure that perspective is right.  Only in this way can a decision be made that leads toward balance.  This differs from the Kidney which only sees the truth.  A good analogy would be a mediator as they have to take into account all sides, not just the truth that each is presenting.  Any good mediator also keeps in mind […]
March 27, 2017

The Liver Official: The CEO of Your Body

Classically, in Chinese Medicine, the Liver Official gets named “the general of the army”, but I feel that “The CEO” holds more understanding in today’s culture.  The biggest job of the CEO is making a long term plan.  Any person who has a strong and balanced Liver knows the path they want to take and are currently on in life.     What if I don’t have a path in life?  That’s ok, it just means we need to retune your Liver.  It’s possible you abuse it a lot, or generally haven’t given it the chance to be the CEO because other people have told you what to do every step of the way.  Give yourself the chance to choose your path and you’ll find it’s fulfilling and rather easy.  Life is about picking a path and adjusting along the way, not back-peddling and completely changing direction.   I’ve abused […]
March 24, 2017

The Perfect Acupoint for Star Wars Characters: Episodes 4, 5, and 6

The Perfect Acupoint for Star Wars Characters   The acupoint KDY 26 is called “Amidst Elegance” and helps a patient realize that they can move on from past events that they feel shameful about.  When I first learned about this, I connected it to Darth Vader and how he almost ruined the Star Wars galaxy but righted himself energetically by killing the Emperor.  Afterward, as he is dying, he tells Luke, his son, how he felt saved.   Since that day, I’ve always called it “Darth Vader” point, telling patients that if he can come back from the dark side, they can come back from what lingers in their past.   KDY 26 and Darth Vader then sparked the idea for me:  What acupoint do other characters in Star Wars need?  The trick is picking a moment in time that they would need the treatment since each character grows throughout the […]
March 13, 2017

We’re All Saying The Same Thing In Different Words: “Change” Quotes

I joke a lot that I play the “translator” role in my family.  I listen to each member using their words and when the other person is stuck trying to understand, I simply change the diction usage and they understand it.  Each of the five elements has the language perspective they like to use.  In this series I’m hoping to help elucidate this difference and hopefully help you better understand those around you.   Here’s a quick explanation of how the five constitutions will focus their language: Water:  Overriding themes that are meant to teach lessons for wisdom. Wood:  Direct arguments and trying to “win” the conversation. Fire:  People centered and fun. Earth:  Focusing on the community and people’s needs. Metal:  Flowy and poetic word usage.   “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi This is my favorite quote, and I was analyzing […]
February 20, 2017

The Urinary Bladder Official: The Head of Security

The Urinary Bladder (UB) is, just like the Kidney (KDY), also a controller of water in the body.  There is a difference in the way they function though and the type of water they control.  The main difference stems from the UB being a “yang” organ (extroverted…outward…etc) and the KDY being a yin organ (introverted…inward…etc)  To remind you, water in chinese medicine has to do with resources, fear, and the truth.   Fear and the Various Responses:  When fear kicks in, the three typical responses are fight, flight, or freeze.  When it’s the KDY we are examining, we’re mostly talking about freezing.  The KDY gives you a second to think and respond.  Fight and flight, those are the UB’s responses.  In the moment, we just act.  This is why the UB is considered the head of security, constantly watching and there in a flash.   The After-Effect on the Body: […]
February 1, 2017

The Kidney Official: The Accountant of Your Body

If your body were a business and the organs were different jobs at the business, the Kidney Official would be the accountant of your body. The accountant of any business has to take things for what they are and what the bottom line reads. In acupuncture, water energy represents the truth, resources, and fear. The Kidney, being the ruler of water, commands all of these. An accountant needs to be very fact driven. If not, they may give bad advice to the company about the state of their finances. If this happens, the company is bound to make incorrect moves, draining it’s money supply and potentially going bankrupt. Energy is the money of your body and more specifically it is broken up into two kinds of energy: “qi” which represents the checking account and “jing” which represents the savings account. Jing is stored in the Kidneys and when it is […]
January 2, 2017

Using The 5 Elements To Help Your New Year’s Resolution Succeed

For awhile now, I’ve talked about how the five elements are a fractal. In short, this means that the flow of energy of the five elements applies to everything. Lets see how it applies to new year’s resolutions and how this knowledge can help us overcome potential pitfalls. As a reminder, here’s how the five elements flow: Water: All ideas are born from water just like all life is born from water. We grow in the water that is our mother’s amniotic fluid, yes? The water element represents the truth and thus it is confronting this truth that we get our new year’s resolutions. Example – Stay Fit and Healthy (note: I got this example by googling “most common new year’s resolution”) A person would decide on this new year’s resolution by facing reality. This might happen by looking in the mirror and deciding they were overweight, or by putting […]
September 29, 2016

Autumn and the Metal Constitution

  5 Element Acupuncture – Metal Constitutions (CFs) That first chill of the fall hits me like a breath of fresh air.  The first sign that the mugginess of summer is going to break into the crisp cleanliness of autumn.  The leaves started falling early this year but that was mostly due to dryness, still important for this newsletter.  Metal elements can be tough to define sometimes and even harder to spot, but like the air that fills the lung (a metal organ), they can be aloof and tough to wrangle.   Summary of Metal CF attributes: Feeling connected to all things Self-worth issues and needing constant affirmation Seeing inspiration and need to feel inspired Completion Making sure actions are noted and made aware of appreciation Loving structure Can feel fragile Over-analysis and perfection The metal time of life starts when the kids grow up, move out and start their […]
August 12, 2016

Late Summer and the Earth Constitution

5 Element Acupuncture – Earth Constitutions (CFs) Did you feel sometime in the middle of July when the heat waves started breaking into the rain?  Then it just got MUUUUUUUGGGGYYYYY.  The late-summer is not a season classically recognized by Americans, but we appreciate it in Acupuncture.  I know late summer has arrived when all of the late flowers start blooming (mallows, thistles, etc), cicadas come out, and the humidity gets brutal. Summary of Earth CF attributes:   Can have issues with getting needs met Need to be comfortable Can confuse their own lives with others.  Their life becomes all about another. Can crave sweets and attention.  Can become needy. Prone to over-eating or never eating.  Prone to being overweight Lives to eat. All about community and doing things together Can be the best mothers and want to mother everything   The Earth time of life for people typically starts around […]
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