5-Element Acupuncture is a specific system and style unto its own. The theory started out as a philosophy before it was a medicine. 5-Element Acupuncture mirrors the cycle of the seasons. When disharmony occurs in the body because one of the elements is not balanced, this causes the system to flow improperly. Different symptoms correlate to different elements.

The other main belief of 5-Element Acupuncture is that each person has a constitutional element which they lean on. This explains why people take certain actions, why they like certain foods or activities, and why some people simply “don’t get” other people. The constitutional element is the person’s ultimate strength and weakness and is typically the basis of treatment for the patient. 5-Element Acupuncture can also help give insight into a patient’s habits. This awareness often helps the person to live a more mindful life.

5-Element Acupuncture has some major block clearing treatments that work on a whole body level. They are common for people who have a myriad of symptoms that fit into multiple elements.

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