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November 27, 2017

The Large Intestine Official:  The Cleaning Crew

Or simply “the cleaner.”  The Large Intestine has one of the simpler jobs yet it’s an incredibly important one.  Have you ever seen the house of a hoarder either in person or on tv?  It’s shocking.  Understanding when to throw something away and when to keep it is a delicate line that you want to ride carefully. Trash cans need to be emptied… And in a timely manner.  The cleaning crew should be on duty every day.  Taking the garbage out and making sure there’s room to put more trash in the bin.  For bowel movements, we have a simple rule.  Less than one bowel movement a day is constipation, and more than three times per day is too loose.  There are exceptions like when you are fighting a stomach bug, doing a detox, or travelling on a long trip since colons tend to get shy.  If you consistently reside […]
November 1, 2017

The Lung Official: Head of Human Resources

The head of human resources plays a vital role at any company.  The workers need a safe haven and someone they feel is solely on their side.  In a way, the workers and the company are in a battle against each other over time and money.  The worker wants more money and less work while the company wants to pay less for more work.  The human resources department is the one person whose whole job is to look out for the employee, making sure they are not being taken advantage of. The Lung Official like to follow orders…  And that’s a simple difference between the Heart and the Lung, who is also known as “The Minister or Chancellor.”  The Owner (Heart) is an individual who has no one above them.  They also play by their own rules, and that’s why they started the company in the first place.  The Head […]
October 2, 2017

The Spleen Official: Office Administrator

Any office needs someone whose job it is to run the office:  Make sure workers have the supplies they need, that the coffee is filled and working, that the holiday party gets organized and has the right food, that birthdays are recognized.  They also have the important role of making sure various items don’t pile up around the office.  That there is processing of all items coming in.    Note that in Chinese Medicine there is no pancreas.  The Spleen Official encompasses both pancreas and spleen.   Our bodies need nourishment so we can nourish each other… And it’s the Spleen Official’s job to make sure that our bodies get the nourishment they need.  That’s why it’s known as the official of “transformation and transportation.”  Transform food into energy and other nutrition and then direct transportation to the areas of the body that need those materials.  The stomach helps, but the […]
September 12, 2017

The Stomach Official: The Warehouse Manager

All companies have potential money that it has to turn into actual money.  Though every company is different, the idea of a warehouse that stores and distributes goods is fairly universal.   Digestion, Rotting, and Ripening… Classically, the Stomach Official is known as “The official of rotting and ripening.”  This speaks to the act of putting food in and getting a different product out.  Starting at the mouth, the body is able to break down massive molecules into the tiniest building blocks, which we use all over our body.  It’s a truly amazing feat to see a steak turned into a hair.   How does this relate to a warehouse?  Most companies have some sort or service that they have.  At some point, an order, which is just words, needs to turn become a product that the customer gets.  That transformation is a form of digestion and leaves the company […]
August 18, 2017

The Heart Official:  The President, Owner, and Creator

I heard a quote once about sports teams:  “The team is a reflection of the coach.”  The same rings true about a company, that it is a reflection of its owner/creator.  The concept for the company was once the “baby” of the owner, growing from a single budding idea.  The owner is what gives the company a soul.  The owner is the person who gets interviewed on the morning shows, gets their picture taken for the cover of a magazine, and gives the speech at the company picnic.     The House of the Shen… It’s impossible to talk about the Heart without mentioning the Shen (soul).  In fact, when reading the Chinese characters for Heart, it reads as “an empty house for the Shen.”  During the day, the Shen spreads like a fire through the woods, and at night, it returns to the Heart where it settles for the […]
August 2, 2017

The Pericardium Official: The Bodyguard

To survive in any society one needs to know who to trust and who not to trust.  As a young child, we learn not to trust strangers.  As teens, we have friends we can tell secrets to about crushes.  As adults, friends are there for financial advice and therapy sessions.  This trust stems from the Pericardium Official’s ability to open up and allow people access to our heart.       The Heart is so important it needs it’s own personal bodyguard…  It would be impossible to talk about the Pericardium, also known as the Heart Protector, without talking about the Heart.  In Chinese Medicine, the Heart is the Emperor or the President/Owner as you’ll read in the next newsletter.  The Heart is the soul of a country or a business and in fact where your soul lives in your body.  Imagine if people had free access to your soul, your […]
July 6, 2017

The Triple Warmer:  The PR Director

Whether we like it or not society exists and society will have their opinions of us.  100% of the time, public perception of us is different than our true selves.  When we go out into public, the Triple Warmer (also known as The Triple Burner, Triple Energizer, Triple Heater, or San Jiao) comes alive and plays a role in how we present ourselves to the world.  At times, we will be “warm” and at other times we will be “cold”.  This isn’t necessarily an indication of our true selves because even the warmest and kindest of people will seem cold at times.  It all depends on our read of the situation.   The Thermostat:  In Chinese medicine, the Triple Warmer is known as the “Official of Balance and Harmony”and is also responsible for the spreading of warmth and life to all parts of the body.  As a fractal, the Triple […]
June 19, 2017

9 Ways to Lead a Longer and Happier Life

If You’re Not In the Obit, Eat Breakfast/The Blue Zones   There’s a new HBO Documentary out made by Carl Reiner about aging called If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast.  It focuses on many people over the age of 90 and why they were thriving!  It featured such names as Mel Brooks, Tony Bennett, Betty White, and Dick Van Dyke. What is your vitality score?   A prominent interview in the movie was with author Dan Buettner, who wrote The Blue Zones.  This is a book that I wrote a Newsletter for back in 2010!  So I dug it up to take a look at what the book said.  For those who don’t know about the book, it looked all around the world to see what cultures had the highest percentage of people living to the age of 100 and tried to figure out why.  First the […]
May 22, 2017

The Small Intestine Official: The Scout

The Small Intestine Official can be the easiest to understand from both western and eastern perspectives because it has the same function from both perspectives: sorting.   The Western Small Intestine:  When you put food into your system it first gets digested by the stomach and then moves into the small intestine.  Once in the small intestine, the food goes through the maze of intestinal flora (probiotics) and villi (micro-absorbers) on its way down the digestive system.  The small intestine’s job is to absorb nutrients and allow waste products and other non-helpful parts to simply continue on the journey out of the body.  Problems occur when the flora becomes improper and when the villi get misshapen; creating holes in the wall of the small intestine.  This allows what should be eliminated to remain in the system where they are now able to create havoc and need to be detoxified.    […]
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